The hit TV show Friends will be back on our screens next year with a brand new cast fronted by High School Musical lead, Zac Efron.

Many studios have attempted to reproduce the magic of Friends over the last decade, but none have been able to repeat the alchemy of the original New York-based sitcom.

“TV has some success with The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and New Girl, or as we in the industry call them, Nerd Friends, Sleazy Friends and Diverse Friends,” said NBC Chairman Bob Greenblatt.

“But in the end we thought why not just reproduce Friends literally?

“We were on a break but now we’re back!”

Efron will be joined by Baywatch co-star, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Joey/Dr Drake Ramoray and Jonah Hill as Chandler.

Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence will take on the role of Ross’s on/off love interest Rachel Green and Lena Dunham and Emma Watson round out the main cast as Phoebe and Monica.

“It’s going to be the Friends you know and love, but bigger, sexier and funnier,” enthused Efron.

“Dwayne has been smelling the fart for years, so Joey will come naturally to him, and just wait until you get a load of Lena’s rendition of ‘Smelly Cat’!”

Like its previous incarnation, Friends will be filled with star-studded cameos, with rumors circulating of Channing Tatum as Gunther and James Corden as Ugly Naked Guy.


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