In the interests of transparency and a move towards gender equality, the Justice League have released the salaries of their members, a move that revealed Wonder Woman as the lowest paid of the gang of superheroes.

Batman was revealed to be the highest paid, earning $3.4 million a year, along with a company Batmobile and comprehensive Life Assurance.

Batman being the highest paid is perhaps unsurprising, given that the League is funded by Wayne Enterprises.

But Wonder Woman is on a mere $470,000 dollars per annum and is seen by many observers as a more integral part of the Justice League than Aquaman ($2.2 million) or Cyborg ($1.4 million).

Even The Flash is on $860,000 dollars per annum and his contributions to the League are limited to running really quickly, pushing people and providing some light comic relief.

“Look, I know I’m on a decent wage and earn more than a lot of hard working nurses and Cleveland Browns’ players,” explained Wonder Woman.

“But I’ve saved Batman’s life and have had to put up with his/Bruce Wayne’s clumsy sexual harassment whilst leading a group of freaks and saving the world, so I really think I deserve a bit more on my pay cheque and perhaps some private medical insurance.”

The Amazonian warrioress continued her thoughts.

“It’s really not fair. I mean, Superman is on $2.6 million and he’s dead.”

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