In another big blow for DC, the comic book brand’s most highly-rated star Wonder Woman has asked for a trade to arch-rival Marvel.

Supposedly excited by the Infinity War sneak preview, Wonder Woman wants to leave DC’s The Justice League and join Marvel’s The Avengers.

Marvel are keen on the deal and have reportedly offered Vision, Black Widow and Teenage Groot in return.

DC are understandably reluctant to release the only star on their books capable of making a good movie.

Justice League founder Batman could not hide his anger.

“She’s good with a sword and lasso but to be honest Wonder Woman has been nothing but trouble,” vented the Dark Knight.

“I remember one of her teammates (World War I hero Steve Trevor) died a while back and she held out for 90 years!

“I’m glad she gets paid the least.”

However, Wonder Woman believes the trade makes perfect sense.

“I may be an immortal Amazonian Goddess, but I want to win now and DC aren’t going to be ready for another five years,” explained the charismatic warrior.

“Plus, they need a powerful female leader at Marvel. I mean, the Scarlet Witch isn’t going to get them anywhere.”

Wonder Woman was also reportedly keen to face the arch enemy of the Avengers.

“Thanos looks like a proper threat to the Universe,” explained Wonder Woman,

“Unlike Steppenwolf, who I’m pretty sure is just a ’70s band and couldn’t even kill the Flash.”

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