Organizers of yesterday’s Women’s March were surprised at the low number of women who joined their sister marches across the Middle East.

Hundreds of thousands gathered to march in Washington to protest Donald Trump’s Presidential Inauguration and there were hundreds of similarly-numbered events in Europe and around the US.

However, there were only a couple of small marches in Saudi Arabia and Iraq and none in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

“I can’t lie. I do feel a little let down,” said feminist activist Kathy Greene.

“We sacrificed a day of our weekend and they didn’t even bother to ask permission from their male relatives to join us in our fight for equality? Lazy.”

When it was suggested that one of the reasons for the low turnout in Saudi Arabia is the law that prohibits women to drive in the country, Greene replied, “Uh, it’s a march. That means you walk? It’s this type of ignorance that’s setting back our progress for global egalitarianism.”


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