Winter is coming to the UK. The snow and ice that has crippled most parts of Britain was just a precursor to an invasion of the dead led by the White Walkers from Game of Thrones.

West Devon Borough Council has reported a number of blue-eyed White Walkers emerging from the snow in Dartmoor, leading an army of the undead for an attack on London.

A local West Devon Councillor has conceded that the majority of the West Devon militia are currently occupied in waste disposal and complex planning applications so have been unable to check the undead advance.

Meanwhile the UK government is distracted by a war on a number of fronts, with Prime MinisterĀ Theresa May embroiled in her own Game of Thrones with Jeremy Corbyn and Boris “Littlefinger” Johnson as well as facing outside wars with the EU and Russia.

Parliament is particularly concerned with the aftermath of a potential White Walker attack, especially with Jeremy Hunt in charge of health.

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