Westworld writers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have admitted that they have “no clue” what’s going on in Westworld.

The show has been widely praised for its cerebral ideas, high production values and highbrow acting.

But if most of the viewers are being honest, they have no idea what is actually happening in the show.

It turns out that the writers are equally clueless.

“In Series 1, we had a clear plan and narrative structure,” explained Nolan, “but internet trolls were pretty quick to guess the twist, so we knew we had to up our game for Series 2.

“We thought that if we didn’t know where the story was going, nobody else would be able to figure it out,” reasoned the acclaimed writer.

“We have 16 different timelines, I think, but I have no idea who is and isn’t a host robot, what anybody’s motivations are and who has died and when.

“Is the Man in Black now a host? I have absolutely no idea!”

Lisa Joy however was quick to defend the confused HBO masterpiece.

“At least we finished writing it,” pointed out Joy.

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