Following the humiliating loss to South Korea that resulted in the German national team crashing out in the group stages, West Germany has announced that they are going to rebuild the Berlin Wall.

A team of German celebrities led by David Hasselhoff have revealed plans to erect the massive separating instrument to, once again, create a West and East Germany.

Hasselhoff will mark the beginning of the construction of the wall with a concert, supported by such musical heavyweights as Nena (99 Red Balloons), Lou Bega (Mambo No. 5), Bob Geldof (Do They Know It’s Christmas) and Tony Blair (Gulf War 2).

“When the wall was first erected by East Germany, I thought it was anti-democratic, oppressive and divisive,” explained Hasselhoff.

“But when we were West Germany, we won three World Cups and never crashed out of the group stages.”

Donald Trump is reportedly in favour of the idea and told Hasselhoff not to worry about the occasional family being separated.

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