The Aryan Brotherhood has complained about repeated efforts by various political parties to use Nazis as a scapegoat in social and political arguments.

Over the last few months there has been a number of character-degrading references to Nazis from across the political spectrum.

US President Donald Trump’s detractors have likened his rhetoric to that of the Third Reich, while he in turn made¬†comparisons between American news agencies and Nazi propaganda.

More recently, UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson drew parallels between France’s supposed bullying of the UK in its negotiations to leave the EU to punishment inflicted on escapees from a Nazi war camp.

This has prompted a retort from a senior Aryan, with a statement decrying “the witch hunt and stigmatisation of our community”.

“It is quite clear that we are being persecuted by various groups with the purpose of furthering their own agendas and denouncing their enemies,” reasoned Joseph ‘Jew Fucker’ Drexler.

“Totally unacceptable.”


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