Vladimir Putin has announced that he cannot wait for Russia to meet England in the World Cup Final on July 15th.

The Russian President, who has correctly predicted the scores for all of the Russia games so far, stated that he believed that a final between the two nations could settle some minor differences they have had about some Ukrainian poisonings in Salisbury.

Putin has reportedly already extended a VIP invitation to Theresa May and Boris Johnson to fly over on Russian Roulette Airlines and join him for the final.

“I am sure Boris and Theresa will enjoy some good old fashioned Russian hospitality,” smiled Putin, whilst nonchalantly throwing back a straight vodka.

“And I can show them a few Russian delicacies such as Beef Stroganoff, caviar and, of course, our latest nerve agents.

“I am sure I will have many tales for my fishing trip with my good friend Jeremy Corbyn!”

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