The United States have threatened to boycott the 2018 Winter Olympics if North Korea send a team to enter the games at Pyeongchang.

“We will not take part in games with a country that has a loud-mouthed, boasting dictator who threatens the world with nuclear war,” said Donald Trump.

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un offered an olive branch.

“With our friends in South Korea hosting the Winter Olympics, it’s a chance to melt the frozen North-South relations,” explained Jong-un.

“Believe me, it’s a trick,” warned the President.

“The only way I will allow the US team to go is if Kim Jong-un agrees to a 100-meter race against me,” said Trump.

“I’m so fast over 100 meters, it’s beautiful. He’s short and fat and would be destroyed.

“I’m a winner, he’s a loser.”

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