President Trump has reached out to Will Smith and asked the actor for help with the United States’ upcoming potential war with North Korea.

Trump believes Smith, who portrayed Air Force Captain Steven Hiller in the classic alien invasion film Independence Day, could be the key in defeating Jong-un.

“We all watched how Will effortlessly destroyed those alien spaceships – just imagine what he could do against regular planes,” said Trump from a Mar-a-lago.

“The aliens’ aircrafts had far greater manoeuvrability and much more powerful weapons than anything the North Koreans have. I mean, they were using alien technology for crying out loud and Will was still able to destroy not only the small fighters but also the mothership.”

This follows the President’s decision last year to send Carrie from Homeland into Syria to help solve the ongoing conflict.

“I’ve never seen the movie Independence Day, but from what the President has told me, Smith would be a valuable asset to our Air Force,” said Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

“I would welcome him and his entire family into the armed forces. Perhaps we could even build and mechanical exoskeleton battle suit for Jaden, like the ones Tom Cruise wore in that movie Edge of Tomorrow.

“I really liked that movie more than I thought I was going to like it. It was sort of like Groundhog Day, but during a war. And I like movies about wars.”

Donald Trump To Send Carrie From Homeland Into Syria

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