Universal Studios Hollywood announced this week it would be opening a new White House-themed roller coaster in 2018.

“The White House roller coaster will take people on an upside-down journey through the Oval Office, Congress, Mar-a-Lago and even to Vladimir Putin’s horse ranch in Russia,” says the amusement park’s head ride designer, Jeffery Billows.

“We think that the twists and turns of the American political system is the perfect theme for a truly terrifying roller coaster.”

“This will certainly be our scariest coaster yet. In order to mimic how the United States government functions, it will go completely in reverse the entire time,” added Alan Jennings, CMO of Universal.

The new ride will ask 99% of customers to pay extra to ride, while 1% of guests will be able to cut the line entirely and ride the coaster as many times in a row as they want.

Another element that separates the White House coaster from the others at Universal is its use of virtual reality goggles to deliver a true 4D experience.

“Riders will see the world around them collapsing from lax environmental regulations and nuclear war as they fly through the air at speeds up to 65 mph, “ revealed Jennings.

“We’re even thinking of including an acid rain section to hint at global warming.

“It should be wild.”