The CEO of United Airlines, has apologised for the inadequate way a passenger was forcibly removed from an overbooked flight at Chicago airport on Sunday.

“We will implement an intensive training programme for all staff to improve their capability in these situations,” explained Oscar Munoz, in a press conference this morning.

“First of all, the passenger should have been stunned so that he couldn’t make any sound and was easier to carry. Secondly, other passengers should have been told that he was a terrorist so they had a reasonable explanation for what was taking place.”

Munoz continued his apology and offered an insight into the steps that United Airlines are taking to ensure that this situation will not arise again.

“The Asian passenger was chosen completely at random. He did not comply with staff and made up some story about being a ‘doctor’ and needing to get to work at his ‘hospital’.

“We had United Airlines staff who needed to be at a Monday morning team bonding meeting and that clearly took precedence.

“United Airlines will invest a lot of money in this US Navy SEALs training programme. Passenger safety is our number one priority.”


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