Silicon Valley tech giant Uber is at it again, this time with an update that could firmly cement them as the #1 ride-sharing app for the foreseeable future.

The new ‘piggyback’ feature allows users to select an actual person to come to a rider’s location and carry them, on their back, to their desired destination.

“It was a really great experience,” said frequent Uber rider, Clyde Beckon.

“Getting on someone’s back, it just gives you a sense of power over that person. Almost like that person was your horse.”

A positive buzz has already generated around the tech community, even by rival ride-share app services such as Lyft.

“It’s a fantastic way to navigate crowds and tight spaces. Not to mention, it makes you feel powerful,” says Uber tech director Norman Ellis.

“Just wait for our next update though. The user actually drives themselves to their chosen location. It’s groundbreaking.”