The ridesharing company Uber announced it will pledge $5 million towards a new endeavor to teach women how to sexually harass men, on the heels of sexual harassment reports hitting the tech industry.

“If men are gonna be filthy, degrading pigs and harass decent, stand-up women, then it’s our job to teach women how to harass them right back,” said Eric Bredson, head of Uber’s internal social services.

Female employees at Uber will be offered the opportunity to take a six-month program on how to sexually harass men through such courses as Whistlin’ 101, Ball-Grabbin’ and Poking the Backside Beast.

“It’s something we have been hoping to launch for some time and with this new financial commitment from the company, the dream will finally be realized,” said an anonymous female Uber worker who is ready to start harassing.

There currently are no such programs at any other Silicon Valley tech companies, but the hope is that this trend catches on quickly in order to even the field for women everywhere.

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