With yearly earnings of $57.2 million, two-year-old YouTube star Brandon Breakwater is now the highest earning social influencer in the world.

Brandon’s popularity first began in 2015 when he posted a video of him sneaking into an exclusive Vegas nightclub at eight months old.

“Brandon has always had his finger on the pulse when it comes to what people want to see. He knows what’s gonna be popular and has already made a video before other influencers have had their first formula of the day,” says manager and father Leonard Breakwater.

“Brandon understands that youth is king in social media and that it’s never too early to start engaging with your target audience,” added Professor of Social Sciences from UC Irvine, Alex Barton.

“He started posting before he could speak, which was brilliant, because when he posted the video of his first word it just blew up.”

Brandon is leading a new wave of ‘early influencers’ who aren’t afraid to let people into every aspect of their lives, from their difficulties teething, to the first poopy in the potty, to the first time trying hard drugs.

Brandon’s most popular video to date, ‘B-day go boom-boom’, shows him pranking other influencers at his second birthday party by lacing his birthday cake with powerful LSD.

When asked about the secret of his popularity, Brandon plays his cards close to his chest and often adopts a vacant stare before soiling his diaper.