A new reality TV show featuring people accused of murder will launch on Channel 4 next month, with a panel of celebrity judges commenting on the prisoners’ performances.

‘Noose or Let Loose’ will be hosted by Ant and Dec and feature a dais of Piers Morgan, Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins.

The show will be chaired by Judge Rinder, who will provide “legal expertise and gravitas”.

There will be backstories featuring those closest to both the victim and the accused; the latter will then perform a routine of his or her choice, designed to best appeal to the audience.

The panel will have their say, but the outcome will be decided by viewers’ vote.

“This is real democracy in action. The public want to bring back capital punishment and we know that judges can’t be trusted to make the right decisions,” said either Ant or Dec.

“Noose or Let Loose is aimed towards clearly demonstrating the will of the people.

“Also, instead of costing the taxpayer a fortune in the costs of trials, this will make a handsome profit through the premium phone lines.”