The White House has made a statement on the President’s behalf, saying, “President Trump pinky swears he’s done nothing illegal financially.”

Donald Trump has warned FBI Director Robert Mueller that looking into his finances would be crossing a red line.

However, the President has since changed his stance and is now “pinky swearing” in hopes that it will be sufficient enough to stop the investigation.

“Those who know the President are very aware of how serious he takes pinky swears,” said Senior Counselor Kellyanne Conway.

“For the President, pinky swearing is right up there with him being under oath. In some cases, he probably considers it even more serious. And if you understand how tiny and delicate his pinkies are, you understand how dangerous it is for him to swear by them.”

When the pinky swear was discussed with Mueller after the White House’s statement he seemed quite pleased.

“This is exactly what we were hoping for. No one in their right mind would lie after a pinky swear. If the President pinky swears he didn’t do anything illegal, as far as I am concerned this investigation is over.” saidMueller.

“I just would like say thank you to the President. His pinky represents not only America, but us all.”


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