Donald Trump has officially joined social media platform Snapchat and Snapped classified information within hours of registering his account.

Approximately 15 minutes after Trump activated his account, he Snapped a document containing classified information, the password to his bank account, his tax returns from 2015 and a picture of himself in a Speedo.

All the posts have since been deleted, but those who were fortunate enough to be following the President during the initial minutes of his account also watched him Snap:

  • a secret entrance to the White House’s War Room
  • a blueprint plan for a classified military vehicle
  • Vladimir Putin’s personal cell phone number
  • Steve Bannon smoking what seems to be a crack pipe
  • his grocery list
  • Jared Kusher picking his nose
  • six photos of himself in different Speedos

Since his massive flurry of Snaps, Trump has only Snapped three shots; one of which was him with his family in Mar-a-lago, another was him enjoying a steak in a restaurant and the third was him urinating on a large North Korean flag.

According to a source close to the White House, Trump’s staff is confident that as he learns how to use the social media platform, his Snaps will become more appropriate and useful to the American public.

The source also added that the President is looking to join Bumble BFF “very soon”.

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