Donald Trump is the latest celebrity to join the #MeToo movement by sharing his story of being sexually harassed by a woman he once worked for.

“It’s taken me many years of therapy, but I’m finally able to share my story with the world,” said the teary-eyed President.

“A few years ago I was helping an owner of a commercial real estate company and throughout my employment I was verbally and physically harassed, including being forced to constantly bend over to pick up things she dropped and wearing tight-fitting shirts.”

Although Trump refuses to mention who his former employer was, he goes on to describe the harassment as degrading on multiple terms.

According to transcripts, the woman forced Trump to “spread eagle” in gym shorts multiple times.

Trump was also required to not shower for weeks on end so that his employer could bathe in his “millionaire man musk”.

“Mr. Trump has worked very hard to erase these memories but he felt it was now necessary to lend his voice to the #MeToo movement,” said a lawyer on behalf of the President.

“A movement he feels very much connected too since he himself has grabbed so many women’s pussies in the past.”


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