Donald Trump has introduced his White House staff to a unique take on the traditional game of Paper, Scissors, Stone, which he calls Knife, Gun, Nuke.

The President is said to be obsessed with the new game and avidly keeps score against members of his team.

A source noted that he seemed to draw inspiration for the game from his recent speech to the NRA, in which he stated that the answer to knife crime in the UK was gun crime.

However, a separate source has stated that the game has been around longer than this and that Trump uses it for an array of difficult policy and strategic decisions, with the Rex Tillerson dismissal rumoured to be case in point.

“We all heard it,” revealed the source.

“The President and Rex came out of a private meeting and Donald was very animated; he kept shouting ‘nuke!’, ‘boom!’ and ‘son of a bitch!’.

“We never saw Rex again.”

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