Donald Trump has admitted that the 1kg steak that he ordered is “bigger than he thought” and is looking for advice on how to finish it.

Dining at a Manhattan steak restaurant, the President-elect went for the largest item on the menu.

“It seemed like a great choice. Everyone said it would be too much for me but my gut instinct told me that it was right. And I always go with my gut.”

The businessmen and reality TV star has had some experience in this area, even launching his own brand of Trump steaks, but soon realized that a 1kg steak far surpasses anything that he has eaten before.

“I thought it would be the same. It’s not.”

An African American diner who was polishing off the remnants of a kilo steak that he began in 2009, remarked that Trump “seemed surprised by the scope” of what he’d ordered.

Trump tweeted a selfie of him with the steak including the hashtags #help #toobig #allideaswelcome.

“It’s going to take me four years to finish this. Maybe eight.”