The competitive package holiday market is set for a shake-up of A-list proportions this month as one-time supercouple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes present rival business ventures at the annual World Tourism Exhibition.

Having both left respective acting careers behind to pursue the lucrative vacation industry, the exes appear to be be competing for the purse strings of the same holidaymakers.

While Holmes has focused her project on quaint lakeside lodges only accessible via bedroom windows, Cruise has invested millions into luxury passenger liners with state-of-the-art facilities. Draft brochures describe ferocious men’s volleyball tournaments as a real crowd-pleaser.

Holmes, who is scheduled to attend the exhibition in person to promote her venture, is said to be furious at what she considers to be a deliberate sabotage attempt from the man she once famously described as, “A right prick”.

In a further twist, rumors swirled amongst exhibition delegates today that the daughter of TomKat, Suri Cruise, was also planning her own foray into the holidaying market with her take on an immersive adventure experience, Surinami.

The 10-year-old would-be entrepreneur told Thomas Cook that it would be, “Wet and wild! You’ve just gotta try and fucking stay alive, man!


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