Transgender people should have the same chance as anybody else to serve in a military that’s systematically destroying the world, according to a cisgender anti-war activist.

After President Trump announced the ban on transgender people serving in the military, pro-trans supporters have decried the move as an “unfair and bigoted” infringement of human rights.

“Anyone who wants to risk their life fighting an unlawful and dishonest war that I’m completely against should be able to do it,” said Leslie Davidson, a self-described ‘spokesperson for trans people’ everywhere and anti-war protester.

“The US military is a horrific, bloated and systemically oppressive organisation that perpetuates cruelty and injustice on a global scale. It’s unfair to deny transgenders the opportunity to enlist in it.”

Davidson has a “strong link” with the trans community after reading Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover story and “really liking that one from Orange Is The New Black.”

She was also a vocal critic of the Trump team’s appropriation of the word “transition” and now has a solution to rebalance the scales.

“Mandatory enlistment for all trans people. It’s the only way to achieve true justice.”


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