Tony Blair has warned voters that a hard Brexit means that the Tories have got weapons of mass destruction and must be stopped at all cost.

“I’ve seen intelligence reports outlining what the Tories plan to do if they win the general election and it is frightening,” said the former Prime Minister.

“The political situation that the country faces is unprecedented and dangerous. The Tories own analysts know that the economy is going over the cliff after Brexit.

“So they are going to sell the NHS to Richard Branson, stop all welfare benefits and reduce corporation tax to 1%.”

Tony Blair is seeking an alliance with the Liberal Democrats to stop hard Brexit. The Lib Dem leader, Tim Farron, has reminded everyone that they were the only party to oppose the Iraq War.

“Nevertheless, we might be prepared to work with Tony Blair to stop hard Brexit,” announced Farron.

“To prove his commitment, he will need to come to our next Party conference wearing open sandals.”