With James Cameron set to regain the rights to the Terminator franchise, his first big move will be to substitute Tom Cruise for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Cruise will play the titular T-800 Terminator and he and Cameron hope to breathe new life into a franchise that is generally regarded by fans to have peaked at Terminator 2 and has been struggling ever since, most recently with the commercially disappointing Terminator Genesys.

“Tom is the perfect choice to replace Arnold,” said Cameron.

“He may not have the prototypical physique, but Jack Reacher was meant to be blonde, 6′ 5” and 230 pounds and Cruise pulled him off perfectly.

“And I think we can all agree he has successfully replaced Brendan Fraser as the lead in The Mummy films.”

Cruise will be utilizing most of Schwarzenegger’s signature catchphrases, including “I’ll be back”, but will also be adding a few of his own vintage phrases to the killing machine, such as “I feel the need for speed!” and “You complete me.”


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