Assassin’s Creed director Justin Kurzel has reportedly won a sizeable wager after betting his friend that he could make a dreadful film with Michael Fassbender in it.

Rumor has it that this is not the first time that a director has tried to make a godawful movie with the Irish star.

Ridley Scott almost managed it with Prometheus, and Bryan Singer was within a whisker of achieving the feat with X-Men Apocalypse.

But each time, the charismatic Fassbender was able to save the films from being truly bad with his magnetic charm and impressive acting range.

“It was actually easy really in the end,” shrugged Kurzel. “Firstly, direct a film based on a computer game. They’re always shit.

“Secondly, get hold of a really complicated and badly written screenplay.

“And finally, throw in a lot of needless CGI and there you have it, the first downright terrible Michael Fassbender film!”


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