Nick Clegg is to undertake a review of student tuition fees on behalf of Theresa May and the Tory Government.

The Prime Minister said students in England faced “one of the most expensive systems of university tuition in the world” and “the level of fees charged do not relate to the cost or quality of the course”.

“We intend to find out how this has happened and that is why I have asked Nick Clegg to examine the evidence and discover who is to blame,” said May.

“I was told the other day that all the universities charge over £9,000-a-year tuition fees. How did this happen? We need a study to find out who allowed this to come about.

“Apparently the interest rates on tuition fees are 6.1%. I want to know who is responsible for this and the yearlong review under Nick Clegg will endeavour to come up with some answers.”

Clegg was characteristically confident in his promises.

“I don’t want to pre-empt the findings of the review,” said the ex-Liberal Democrat leader, “but I can promise you that the tuition fees won’t go up.”

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