The new Star Wars trailer has been released and some fans are concerned that, like the Force Awakens, it may simply repeat the storylines of a previous film, in this case The Empire Strikes Back.

But visionary director Rian Johnson has moved to quell any such fears.

Fans have pointed towards the darker tone, the attack on the Rebel Base by AT-ATs and snowtroopers, the Jedi training and the dark side temptation of the hero as echoing the 1980 classic.

But Johnson explained that The Last Jedi would be completely different.

“Look, I know the idea of the last remaining Jedi in the galaxy training the hero whilst in self-imposed exile seems familiar, but in my film Luke doesn’t want to train Rey!” explained the Looper director.

“But in The Empire Strikes Back…well, I guess Yoda didn’t want to train Luke either, but for mostly different reasons.

“Plus, those AT-ATs are actually AT-M6s, and the close relative reveal is going to be at a different point in the film, and…

“Look, it’s going to be better than the new Han Solo movie, okay?”

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