Publication of the Paradise Papers has exposed how very rich people avoid paying tax.

Many of them, such as Lord Sassoon, the former Treasury Minister under George Osborne, have connections to the Conservative Party.

Lord Ashcroft, a former Party treasurer and deputy chairman, is one of the Conservatives’ biggest donors. He is listed as using offshore trusts to ‘shelter his wealth’.

The pro-Brexit peer has given millions to the Tory party, including £500,000 towards their most recent campaign.

John McDonnell, the shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, has said that the Tories won’t deal with the tax scandal because too many Conservative supporters are implicated.

A spokesman for the Conservative Party hit back.

“We have overwhelming evidence that the Labour Party has offshore bank accounts on the Isle of Dogs,” revealed the spokesperson.

“It’s typical Labour hypocrisy. Within a stone’s throw of the City of London, they have several bank accounts listed under the Isle of Dogs.

“They also have bank accounts on the Isle of Sheppey. If that isn’t offshore, I don’t know what is.”

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