Taylor Swift has courted controversy once again by announcing that her upcoming album will mainly be about North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un.

Her new single Look What You Made Me Do has thrust the pop star back into the international spotlight.

“While writing this current album, I was really influenced by Jong-Un. His desire for power. His terrible attitude. His lack of disregard for his people’s freedom. It made me feel like it was time someone stood up to him. So I did. And I wrote this album,” explained Swift.

“Most of the songs, like You’re Not My Dictator and I’ll Never March Next To Your Missile, are direct attacks on Jong-Un.

“But there are also more subtle songs I wrote, such as You Look Like A Lezbo With That Haircut and I Like Your Daddy Better Than You, which are what I’d consider more political statements about the entire situation going on in the East.”

Swift has never been afraid of controversy and this is just the latest example; earlier this month she announced that the album would be hardcore hip-hop.

Many feel that Swift’s new concept album could be exactly what America needs to end the conflict with North Korea for good.

Even Donald Trump has expressed how pleased he is that Swift has decided to stand up to the nuclear-armed country.

“Tay Tay is more of an influence on the people of North Korea than any bomb, fighter jet, or HBO comedian ever could be,” enthused the President.

“She not only sings like an angel, she sings about things we can all relate to. My personal favorite song on her new album is I Bet You Did Dennis Rodman In The Booty, a powerful message to a dictator who needs to learn his place in the world.”

Swift’s new album will delay the release of her album until Jong-Un’s birthday, January 8th, 2018.

New Taylor Swift Album Will Be Hardcore Hip-Hop

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