Table football, also known as foosball, is set to follow in the footsteps of beach volleyball and pole dancing when it becomes an Olympic sport at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

With surfing and skateboarding already confirmed as sports for 2020, the Tokyo Olympics will be an extravaganza for alternative sports.

“There has long been a tradition of high-quality table football at St Catz and I hope to finish my PhD in time to participate in 2020,” said Colin de Jongh from St Catherine’s College, Oxford.

“Man, Tokyo is gonna be amazing,” enthused Brad Rowland.

“I aim to catch some Japanese waves in the morning, play some foosball in the afternoon and then skateboard over to watch the women’s beach volleyball in the evening. It’s gonna be far out!”

Beer racing, in which two teams of eight players compete to drink their pints of beer as quickly as possible, is under consideration for the 2024 Olympics.

Rob McTaggart, interviewed at the Bull’s Head in Newcastle upon Tyne, said that he and his friends are already in training for the event.

“I’m told that the international umpires will be very strict on the rules,” said McTaggart.

“Absolutely no spillage will be allowed and your teammate has to finish every last drop before you can start your pint.

“As long as we aren’t competing in the same arena as the pole dancing, we should be fine.”

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