According to a new study from the University of Florida, ‘fake news’ is as factually accurate and informative as ‘real news’.

The study proves that real news sources such as FOX News and the Huffington Post are actually are 32% less accurate at reporting the facts than fake news outlets.

“The study’s results really weren’t that shocking to us,” said lead researcher Dr. Emmet Aldin.

“I mean, just watch three minutes of FOX and you can tell they’re just pulling stuff out of their [bleep]. Climate change is false. Russia didn’t hack us. Donald Trump has huge hands. These are all blatant lies that are treated as truth.”

The study went on to test other real news sites such as CNN and MSNBC. Both performed a touch better than Fox, but still not better than such fake news sites as The Onion or even cable shows like Ancient Aliens or The Big Bang Theory.

“It just goes to show that journalists might as well write whatever pops into their heads. Just guess what you think is going on in the world, write it and publish it,” added Aldin.

“It’s got about the same chance of being accurate as any other news.”

As far as what is the most factually accurate US news source right now, the study found Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando, Florida’s internal morning news show, to be the most accurate resource in the country.


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