A new study has revealed that the reason why nearly all bros turn their baseball caps backwards in public places is to attract other bros.

The researchers form USC have explained the phenomena, citing that it’s actually a ritualistic signal to aide them in finding other bros with whom to chillax.

“With the backwards baseball hat, a bro can immediately notify other potential bro-hangs that he’s in the same location,” said Director of Social Psychology Edmond Lenard.

“This makes it much easier for the bros to bro-down over some cold suds and talk about how ‘this place has no hot chicas’.

“If you think about it, it’s really quite obvious. Bros fuel off the totally psyched-up energy of other bros just crushing it. So it only makes sense they would seek additional bros to get lit with and smash some tail.”

While some dispute that this study isn’t directly related to bros and could be extended to dudes as well, most agree that the findings are truly interesting and crucial in the continued research into bro culture.

Lenard has also said that additional studies will go into finding out what’s up with those ripped cargo shorts all bros wear and if in fact they are somehow related to needing to hold all those digits from all the totally down chicks who are way hotter than Debbie.



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