A new study from USC has determined 78% online readers fail to even make it to the end of online headlines before tuning out.

According to the recent study American’s attention span has rapidly shrunk in the last 10 years, so much so that you probably aren’t even reading this article any more.

In fact, you probably just glanced at the first half of the headline and thought, “Oh, wow, that’s sort of scary. I wonder what’s on FX right now. Oh cool, it’s Blade Trinity.

“I never saw Blade 2, but I’m sure the plot isn’t so complicated that I won’t be able to follow along with this third installment.

“Speaking of third installments, that third Matrix movie was terrible. What was that? And what the hell was the whole Architect thing in the second movie, for that matter?

“Oh crap, I forgot to call the contractor about fixing the tiles on the back porch. Erica is gonna be so pissed. I told her last week I was gonna fix it this week.

“Maybe I can just order some flowers for her on Amazon and that will smooth it over.

“Yeah, that will work. Dam,n Blade is so badass. It’s so cool that he uses a samurai sword to kill vampires.

“Ooooh, I should get Erica a samurai sword instead of flowers. She’d like that much better.”


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