A new study from the University of Southern California is claiming that the vast majority of studies can’t be trusted.

“We studied a lot of different studies and determined that most studies aren’t even actual studies,” said William Loyola, a Professor of Information Studies.

“Whether it was a study about a new diet or a study about something made up like the ozone, our study made it clear that studies shouldn’t be considered truthful.”

However, Loyola has even dismissed the findings of his own study on studies, quoted in this particular article, saying that his study also could not be trusted, because it too was a study.

“How can we trust what I found in my study on studies to be true if my study also concluded that most studies are false?

“The answer is that we can’t. I’m not even sure if what I am saying about not trusting my study on studies can be considered truth, since in some ways I am studying my study on studies.”