The athletic activity tracking app Strava has announced the launch of a new dating function that allows users to select matches based on their fitness performance.

The new app appears to have been inspired by the success of ‘athleisure’ trends sweeping the high street.

Strava is hoping to cash in on the lucrative market of dating and fitness apps with a new brand of dating: the ath-casual-sex market.

Head of Winning at Strava, Lance Redgrave revealed his excitement this week in an interview with Men’s Health magazine.

“It’s about separating the wheat from the chaff,” explained the athletic app’s spokesperson.

“You’ll be able to make an instant decision about the girl who can’t put in a sub-40 [minute] PB on a 10K but is stuffing her face with a Five Guys on the first date – because you’ve got the data.

“It’s going to turn the dating world on it’s head; I mean, imagine being able to select a date based on their wattage output.


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