Stranger Things fans are getting excited the world over, as two dreamy mega-babe Ryans are coming to their favorite show…but you won’t recognize them.

According to producers of the show, Gosling and Reynolds will both play Demogorgon twin brothers.

The brothers will attack the town, only to fall in love with Natalia Dyer’s character Nancy, which will create a bizarre love triangle the likes of which Stranger Things fans have yet to see.

“We think that the love interest created between the Ryans’ Demogorgon brothers and Nancy will have many interesting layers,” said Netflix content producer Bill Newman.

“We’re hoping the love triangle story can extend even beyond Season 3 possibly into the 4th and 5th season and ultimately result in a Demogorgon/Nancy wedding.”

While Season 2 has thrilled fans, this new exploration for the series will take the show in a direction no one saw coming – romance.

“Romantic comedies are huge right now, so we thought Season 3 might be a great opportunity to take advantage of their popularity,” explained writer Lindsay Rein.

“Horror is great, but if you can add in a bit of jealousy, drama, and relationship struggles, you have the perfect show.”

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