Steve Bannon has quit Breitbart in order to pursue a career at rival publication Huffington Post, working as intern in order to learn the ropes at the liberal publication.

The former White House Chief Strategist has been under some fire since his allegations against his former employer, President Donald Trump, in Michael Wolff’s controversial new book Fire And Fury.

It will be a huge idealogical shift from the hyper-partisan right-wing Breitbart, however, Bannon is confident that he’ll be able to quickly adapt and impress his new bosses.

“Sure, they’ll be some grunt stuff to start with, gettingĀ the coffee, running errands, making lists of employees’ genealogy, etc., the same way I rose up through the ranks at Breitbart,” explained Bannon.

“But soon they’ll let me start writing guest posts, then feature-length think pieces, and before you know it I’ll take Arianna’s job from under her.

“It’s never too late for a new start.”

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