In a shocking move for late night TV, former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon will be the next host for Saturday Night Live.

“He’s now, he’s in the news and he’s got an interesting take on the world. That’s exactly what we look for in any SNL host,” said NBC network executive Elroy Lenton.

Bannon couldn’t be hotter right now and there’s a growing sense that he could have some hidden comedic genius hiding beneath his blotchy skin.”

NBC decide to drop its scheduled host, comedy actor Kevin Spacey, in order to make a slot available for Bannon.

When asked about taking on the new challenge of sketch comedy, Bannon seemed confident.

“I’m extremely excited to join the talented cast of SNL,” said Bannon.

“I think I’ll offer a different take on comedy that might resonate with the American people in a deeper capacity. The people close to me know I’m a very funny, jovial guy. I’m just happy I finally get to share that side of me with the world.”

Writers for SNL have said that Bannon has even written a few sketches with characters he created such as “The Death Eater”, “Young Charles Manson” and “Tom Hank’s brother Terry”.

Bannon has said to be preparing for his role by watching Jeff Foxworthy stand-up acts on repeat.

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