JJ Abrams has replaced Colin Trevorrow as the writer and director of Star Wars 9, leading to concern from fans regarding the fate of the franchise.

Abrams is the director of The Force Awakens and co-creator of Lost, and has come under some criticism for his lack of originality.

In particular, while The Force Awakens was generally well-received, Abrams was criticised in some quarters for being too derivative and simply filming a new version of Star Wars: A New Hope.

This has led to fears that Star Wars 9 will be formulaic and have an ultimately disappointing conclusion.

But Abrams has moved quickly to reassure fans, promising them that Star Wars 9 will have as strong a conclusion as his ABC masterpiece Lost.

Audiences can therefore expect the Star Wars series to finish in purgatory, discovering that Luke Skywalker was actually killed in a stormtrooper raid back at his farm on Tatooine in A New Hope.

Abrams is confident that fans will be thrilled with his vision for Star Wars 9.

“I know a lot of fans will be worried that I will be simply making a new version of Return of the Jedi, but that couldn’t be further from my mind,” reassured the sci-fi director.

“What fans really want to see is a Star Wars version of the Lost ending, which I know everybody loved!

“It’s going to be great. We’re going to see Rey take on ‘The Snoke Monster’, a little bit of time travelling, and the introduction of John Locke as a Grey Jedi.

“And unlike in Lost, you’re not going to have to sit through five series of shit to get there!”

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