Snapchat has created a new plugin for their app aimed at helping elderly users send sexts and nude pictures to each other.

“With the rise in erectile drugs such as Cialis and Viagra, older people are much more sexually active and are interested in sending gross naked pictures to one another,” said Snapchat developer Ian Lenser.

“The new update simplifies the process for our older users by only requiring them to press one button to easily send saggy, wrinkly, nausea-inducing snaps.”

On the heels of the wildly popular Snapchat Spectacles, the company is even planning on creating Snapchat Bi-Spectacles for their older demographic.

“The Bi-Spectacles will feature the actual prescriptions for our users, so that they can use them in their daily lives,” said lead Snapchat design Bill Revin.

“Plus they can use the Bi-Spectacles to film their strange, old people kinky lifestyle.”