Actor Jonah Hill has gotten a lot of attention recently as he has lost 100 pounds and is sporting a trimmed-down frame.

However, sources close to Hill have now confirmed the Wolf of Wall Street actor will gain nearly 100 pounds to play himself in an upcoming as-yet-untitled film about his life.

“Jonah is excited to tell his story to the world,” said Hill’s agent, Ben Eddens.

“He is serious about portraying himself in a way that truly depicts who he was, and that means gaining back the 100 pounds.”

Hill has recently turned heads with his dramatic weight loss, with some in Hollywood suggesting that he was not in reality Jonah Hill and instead just an overweight Shia Labeouf, a statement Labeouf has yet to refute.

Jonah will star in his biopic feature alongside long-time friend Michael Cera, who, ironically, is now 100 pounds overweight and has been challenged to lose the weight to play himself in the film.


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