After adding a Muppet with autism to the world’s most famous children’s show, Sesame Street is making headlines once again with its newest character, Mr Bellweather.

Mr Bellweather will look a lot like the show’s other characters, but will have one big difference.

“He’s going to be an extreme advocate of alt-right political and social policies,” said Erik Embell, one of the founders of the Children’s Television Workshop that produces Sesame Street.

“Mr. Bellweather is not a racist. Let’s make that clear. He just rejects mainstream conservatism, especially on a street filled with so much color.”

The decision to add the god-fearing puppet to the mix was initially met with hesitation, but the directors got on board when character creator Bill Deanter explained that his intention was to make sure that Sesame Street, “Properly reflects the society of hate and exclusion we all live with here in the US every day.

“Sesame Street is a diverse, multi-cultural ecosystem. We wouldn’t be teaching children how the world really is if we didn’t include someone who hated everyone on the street for little to no reason other than them being immigrants and/or minorities.”


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