Jeremy Corbyn claims that entrepreneurs and self-employed workers living in Surrey are to be excluded from the government’s recent National Insurance increases.

The Budget was announced yesterday by Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond.

Labour says it has evidence of a Tory “sweetheart deal” with Surrey County Council, which means that self-employed workers with a Surrey post code will not have to pay the NI tax increase.

The BBC has obtained a leaked recording of a council leader saying that he struck a deal with the Government.

The Prime Minister has repeatedly denied that Surrey County Council was given any special arrangement; however, Councillor David Hodge states on the leaked tape that he possesses written Government assurances and recordings of such talks.

“There are a lot of Tory voters in Surrey, so it makes sense to give them preferential treatment,” reasoned Theresa May.

When it was pointed out to May that the 2015 Conservative Party manifesto specifically ruled out any NI increases in the lifetime of this Parliament, her reply was brief and to the point.

“So what? The manifesto also said we benefit greatly from the EU single market and the Tories are committed to staying in it.

“Who gives a toss what it says in our manifesto?”


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