Sean Spicer has signed on to play the role of Melissa McCarthy in a new biopic about the comedian’s life, it has been announced.

20th Century Fox is set to produce the film, with Dallas Buyer’s Club director Burt Hashner attached to direct.

This would mark the first role of any kind of entertained for the easily angered White House Press secretary, but sources close to Spicer say that he’s up for the challenge.

“When we saw Melissa play Sean on Saturday Night Live, something just clicked,” said Jim Gianopulos, CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment.

“We realized that she wasn’t just playing a character, but that these two people were connected in some deeper way.

“If she can play him so spot on, his portrayal of her could be truly Oscar-worthy.”

“It’s an honor to portray an artist with such comedic timing. I just hope she likes it,” added Spicer.

“I’d also really like her to stop playing me on SNL, because it’s pissing me the fuck off.”


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