Sean Spicer has been approached by fast food restaurant Wingstop to come on board as their newest spokesperson, Mr Spicy.

The White House Press Secretary will promote the restaurant’s ‘Hot and Spicy’ line of boneless wings.

“Sean’s bipolar nature and tendency to become enraged at the littlest things make him the perfect celebrity to play our new character, Mr Spicy,” says Wingstop CMO, Les Winfeld.

In the new advertising campaign, Spicer, as Mr Spicy, will break into people’s homes and rub super spicy wing sauce on their faces then lick it off while they sleep.

“I’m very proud to be a part of this new Wingstop campaign,” beamed Spicer in an AP interview.

“I share a lot of the same characteristics as Mr Spicy. We both like spicy wings and licking people, although I usually like licking feet as opposed to faces.”

This isn’t the first advertising campaign for the White House Press Secretary.

Two years ago, Spicer starred as ‘Bathtub Guy 3’ in a Cialis ad in which he watched a sunset while sitting in a tub, holding his wife’s hand.

“Sean is ready and willing to do any role for any marketer any time,” said Spicer’s agent.


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