Legendary actor Sean Bean will finally be rewarded at next year’s Oscars for his dedication to dying brutally in both film and television.

Over the past three decades, the British thespian has shown a talent for being offed in a nasty fashion.

Bean has been decapitated, quartered, shot in the face and pushed off a cliff by cows throughout his decorated career.

Each time he just brushed himself off and prepared for his next fatality.

The Emmy award-winning star was reportedly offered the roles of Legolas, Gandalf, Frodo and Arwen in Lord of the Rings but when he found out that none of them died (at least not permanently), he begged to be given the role of the doomed Boromir.

Bean announced that he was especially shocked when no one saw his death coming in Game of Thrones.

“I know people weren’t familiar with George RR Martin killing off their favorite characters at that stage,” reflected the former Ned Stark, “but did anyone really think that I’d make it out of Season 1?”


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