After a lengthy campaign by social justice protesters, the inventors of Scrabble have decided to allow LGBTQ as an official word in their board game.

“This is exactly the sort of issue that our energy should be focused on,” said Brian Dobson, a straight protestor who identifies as ‘Questioning’ on his 3somer app profile.

“Just imagine the triple-word score. A huge step towards equality.”

Acronyms and initialisms are not allowed in Scrabble; however, Dobson states that, “This is an outdated rule constructed by the straight patriarchy. Of which I am a member. I need to use my voice to silence people like me.”

The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association explained their position on the announcement.

“To be honest, we’re more concentrated on changing laws in the 74 countries in which homosexuality is illegal and the 12 countries in which it is punishable by death,” said an ILGA spokesperson.

“But yeah, who doesn’t love a high score?”

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