After Gordon Strachan’s comments regarding the Scottish football team losing because of their “genetics”, Nicola Sturgeon has corrected him and blamed “the English”.

Scotland’s football manager said that his team were smaller and lighter than opponents after their elimination from the 2018 World Cup.

SNP leader Nicola Surgeon stated that this was not genetic but clearly a product of centuries of English oppression.

“Thanks to the English, the Scottish people have been unable to afford a proper diet and have had to rely on typical home-grown products such as deep-fried Mars bars,” complained Sturgeon.

“Bloody English.”

But Strachan was not to be dissuaded by Sturgeon’s argument.

“There’s no way that players from The Highlands can compete with international athletes,” continued Strachan.

“Lionel Messi may look small on screen but he’s actually 6’4″.”

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